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  • Looking for Telemark Instruction

    Hey Gang -
    A friend of my GF's is looking for telemarking ski lessons in the Tahoe area.
    He lives in Placerville I think.
    Cal used to give lessons at Sierra Ski Ranch. Is he still teaching there?
    Any ideas. Privateer looking for some work would be fine too.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Pete. I know Kal's store is shut, bet he's still around somewhere (so, no help there). No better skier than Geoff Clarke, but his instruction will be well advanced. I could dig up his # if wanted. I think Walter Edberg still can be reached at Alpine and feel he is a good instructor for all ranges. Maybe Revloren will chime in. I think he teaches.

    Edit to add: Rosie--is Hackett her married name?--is a great teacher of all levels, all ages, all genders--and she may privateer. I bet Lucy has her info.
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      I bet the Tele Center will be operating again at Sierra. They have some free or cheap group clinics in addition to personal lessons. The LTCC tele class (also at Sierra) may also be an option.


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        Not SAT, but........ Will Ortman runs the Nordic Center at Northstar and has higher-level PSIA certification and I think he gives lessons (or would know who does). There is also a guy who goes by the handle of "Steep" and teaches at Mt Rose - I don't think he is PSIA-certified but is good and might do the free-lance thing. I think Steep lives in Carson City, so south shore might work for him. PM me if you want a direct contact with him.
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          Will is great as is Aaron Pearlman, also at Northstar.

          Not sure if it's the same person, but there's been a " Ca that runs Tele center at Sierra At Tahoe. IIRC, Meghan Kelly (H-Atlas on ttips) also teaches there.

          Also, Geoff Clarke lives in SLT IIRC.

          Yeah, I'd check in with SAT first since it's in the easiest for Placerville.
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            There's also ASI operating out of Sugar Bowl. Geoff Clarke used to teach there (maybe still does?) as well as Lorenzo Worster.


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              Kal is operating the Telemark and Backcountry Center at Sierra at Tahoe again this year. Lesson, rentals, and backcountry guiding.