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Transition from Duckbill to NTN help.

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    Originally posted by Kees View Post
    Ok, here are my dozen tips

    It looks like you have the skis very narrowly together. A bit more space between them makes it easier to get your edges into the snow and avoids the nasty habbit of the skis kissing each other. Feet at hip width is a good stance.

    Often I see how your upper leg, in the back leg position, is pointing straight down. As far as I know it's hard to get any weight on your rear foot in that position. Shorten the distance between your feet. Easier said then done.

    You have a bit of jerky turn initiation. All the action is in the first meter of the turn and the rest is static. A more smooth transition and going down for a longer time looks a lot better and feels better too.

    I see these things because it is what I wrestle with too. So I also would like to see some ideas how to avoid above things. A good one for shortening your stance is pushing your pelvis forward.
    Thanks... noticed the jerky initiation when I first watched the video. If I make it back out next week, I plan to slow that motion down.

    Originally posted by Paul Lutes View Post
    Just a hunch but: I strongly suspect that trying to film yourself with the pole-cam did not help your technique!
    Truth. Didn't help at all.

    Originally posted by hafjell View Post
    Off topic: are you skiing in Georgia (the Caucasus)?
    Yeah, Gudauri up in the north. Fantastic area.


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      Noticed a nice difference today when slowing down lead changes and keeping my rear foot from straying too far behind. It was a knee-deep powder day and, while the groomers were awesome on NTN, it was much more difficult trying to drop a knee in the deep stuff off piste. One more thing to work on next year...

      ... and some more pics from today:

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