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  • Lost reference knowledge

    Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who was considering re-gluing his skins. I started to say "oh, there's a great thread with all the info you need, I'll send you the link" until I remembered that it's all gone, there is no link. Sure, there is other info on the web about it, but not my info.

    Cooking with Big Tim and all the associated discussion of thermoforming liners is another one that jumps to mind. But there are plenty of examples, including more personal ones (like advice in a PM about a camping spot, that type of thing).

    Just feeling sad about all the good reference info that is now gone forever.

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    If you go here:
    Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

    And click the down arrows next to the links on the search results, some of it's cached.


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      Big Tim's channel....

      Share your videos with friends, family, and the world


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        Thanks guys. Wasn't really intending that this thread would be the repository of some of that "lost" knowledge, but I guess it could.


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          The more perceptive among us realize that you are simply pining.


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            Originally posted by aqua toque View Post
            The more perceptive among us realize that you are simply pining.
            And even some of the not-so-perceptive. I'll bet Danno is more bummed by the demise of TTips than just about anyone else. Even years ago he'd lament Mitch's lack of participation/presence. Whatever, there's worse things. Danno was often involved in the ttips gatherings which I thought was pretty cool. I guess that did mean, in one instance, having to go on a BC trip with Nurse Ben though. That's taking one for the team! Good grief; life's too short.

            Hey Aqua Toque, you still have that recipe for the DIY Telemark Talk cover shot? That was simply brilliant. Would it still work? Post it up, that could be fun.


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              eh, you'd be wrong. I may miss what TTips used to be, but it had long since stopped being that, and many of the friends I have made there gave up on the place a long time ago. I am thankful for the many friends I made there, and thankful for this place because there are some people I still haven't met in person that I'd like to meet. But I don't have the energy to care about "the demise of TTips", I just miss some of the collective knowledge.

              No comment re Ben.


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                Originally posted by Danno View Post

                No comment re Ben.
                That's comment enough.


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                  What the hell is "collective" (ski) knowledge ? Sounds
                  like pop cans or some sort of socialist ski school..
                  When we gonna ski , Danno ? I would ask Willy
                  but, well, Willy flies solo!
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                    Originally posted by freeheelwilly View Post
                    Hey Aqua Toque, you still have that recipe for the DIY Telemark Talk cover shot?
                    Ha. When we were reminded recently about google cache I tracked that thread down. Now a bunch of redx's because of the authentic (lost) Ttips visuals and banner ads referenced deep in the code.

                    Still intact however was this screen shot by Bob T which he used in a bizarre and clever DIY cover within a DIY cover:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	a-t.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	178.3 KB
ID:	80287

                    It was accompanied by the following caption (which I memorized and cherish dearly):

                    Originally posted by Bob T
                    Thoughtful community member aqua_toque (aqua_toque on our Telemarktalk forum) gives a shout out to kind and quick-witted televisionary (televisionary on our Telemarktalk forum) for helping new to the sport Peterk123 (who has been unable to register on our Telemarktalk forum).

                    I might tackle a DIY EarnYourTurns cover someday but the software here looks super-sophisticated and it has yet to be seen how agressive their legal department is.