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    It's new jacket year this year which is quite exciting, I am pretty much sold on a Goretex Pro hardshell ( but can't help that this cheaper and lighter option might suit my needs better / differently ( 04

    I imagine this winter is going to be almost all day trips very little resort skiing and I was planning to keep my older no longer waterproof Goretex.

    Does anyone have any experience of Toray Dermizax NX, the internet seems to think it is quite good but it looks a little flimsy for Coast Mountain Tree Skiing / Bushwhacking and not as waterproof Goretex Pro.


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    Dermizax is unbranded Gore-Tex, about 2 generations back. The new Gore Pro is definitely superior, but if you're saying you insist on Gore based on prior experience the Dermizax will match what you're familiar with. It doesn't breath as well as the new Gore, but equal to Gore from about 5 years ago. I'd say it's as waterproof as Gore, just not as breathable as the new Gore-tex, or NeoShell, or eVent.

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      If you don't like, it MEC will take it back, no questions asked right?

      Like many retailers, we guarantee our products; if an item hasn't met your expectations, you can bring it back. Unlike most retailers, we also guarantee the product selection advice offered through our website and staff. If something you purchased based on this advice turns out to be unsuitable, you can always bring it back.
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        If you're looking for lightweight don't overlook Gore Tex Paclite. I have a much older version in my pants (patagucci) and the newest in my jacket (OR) and they're by far the best BC shells I've used.
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          I always plug Outdoor Research products because I think they offer a lot of value for the price. I own a couple of their jackets and several other products. I just picked up a Mythril Jacket for $82 from Sierra Trading Post after discounts. It is a waterproof "softshell" although in my mind a softshell is not truly waterproof under extended weather conditions. By all accounts it gets good reviews for nasty weather though and is quite a bit lighter than my older Marmot 3 layer Gore-Tex. That's the jacket that I pull out if the sh** really hits the fan, but I only use it maybe once a year. That thing is tough as nails and completely waterproof but heavy. Lots of options besides the Gore stuff now, I wouldn't limit my options, do your homework first and you can likely save some money.


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            If you can live with a light blue color, here is a Marmot Speed Lite jacket. Gore-Tex 3 layer Pro Shell jacket at REI for $296 in a Large size. Regular price $425
            Shop for Marmot Men's Multi-Sport Rain Jackets at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

            I picked up one of these (in yellow) from Steep and Cheap for $212 when it was on their sale site. So you might keep an eye on SAC and see if it comes up again. Stuffs really small, minimalist shell. No powder waist, but I ski with a bib. I don't know why REI call it a rain shell. This is 3 layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell, not Gore-Tex Paclite
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              Guy selling a nice Eider Neoshell jacket and pants on TGR for a fair price right now. New.


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                Originally posted by chamonix View Post
                If you don't like, it MEC will take it back, no questions asked right?
                Not as easily as they used to, I got issued with gift card earlier this year. But they are still decent we are going to try and get my daughters waterproof pants replaced as they failed after 6 months of 3 year old abuse.

                Anyway I looked a the pros and cons and went for the Goretex.


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                  Realize this is an old thread but in case you stumble upon it looking for fabric info:

                  Dermizax NX IS NOT unbranded Gore-Tex......for anyone wanting a factual overview of fabric technology see - outerwear 101 & 201... Air Permeable Membranes (APM) vs Waterproof Breatable (WPB)


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                    Interested in real world opinions/experience on Gore Tex Pro vs Gore Tex Active vs Gore Paclite (vs eVent vs ???). I recently picked up a Dynafit Patrol jacket on SAC. It's Gore Active, impressively light, sheds rain well, feels "softer". It doesn't seem to be significantly more breathable than Gore-Pro. Pac-lite feels clammier to me vs Gore-Pro and Active.
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