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There ain't no turn like tele....

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  • There ain't no turn like tele....

    If there ain't no turn like are a REAL could anyone turn back to "Alpine"....ding a ling parallel...Just askin...TM

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    It is skiing, either way. Any day skiing is better than not skiing!

    If I had any stones I should try the no bindings snowboarding...pow surfing

    Small story:

    Years ago when trail running with rock scrambles were a fun training day, a teammate and I topped out on Monadanock and after a quick stretch sat at cliffs edge eating lunch. The gully next to us looked like it would ski nicely and mentioned it to my pal.

    He agreed it would be fun if there was enough cover and then....

    A deep burr of a Scottish voice came across the gully. A large gent with a ruddy face had exclaimed, "Skiing is for sissies!"

    Seeing our consternation he elaborated, "In Scotland, we do it with just our boots on."

    We laughed, he laughed.

    Skiing is for sissies in a hurry....
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    Go for adventure, take pix, but make certain to bring'em back alive!


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      Had a 3' deep day at Lookout sank too deep on the 1st Tele turn and crashed alpined/ paralleled the rest of the day, which while more boring was fine given the conditions. The next day had some tele haters teasing me about alpining and how great it was that I was skiing that way. My reply was any idiot could alpine/parallel. Shut them right up.


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        Doesn't your schtick ever get boring for you Bruce?


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          How about the concept of there is no turn like a backcountry turn. You know, well, I guess you wouldn't know, jumping into a steep deep rollover on fat rockered skis. Skis rebound up and plane into the next smearing turn without effort. Ski out of the rollover and the whole thing is sluffed off as you plane away on the short runout to the next rollover. Repeat. Or, flailing away on some 20YO misery sticks, wallowing and wonder if your stuck on the bottom.......... Just Saying........
          "Just say no to groomed snow"


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            I don't think anyone else could answer your question. I mean after all you are the only one who has ever skied "REAL" telemark.


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              Yeah…..this person is NOT having fun ! And, the notion that somehow tele skiing is "harder" than alpine skiing is a myth created by people that inhabit telemark ski forums to make themselves feel good. Personally, I think it's ALL good.

              "I'm totally talking out my ass"………….riser3


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                If there ain't no better form of written communication than the written word... and if you are a real writer... how could anyone engage in antecedent-pronoun disagreement?



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                  Originally posted by Sugarloafer View Post
                  You might have to define harder. There are more movements in a telemark turn then with an alpine turn so there is more physical effort expended. I am sure a lot of us would like to think we are better then we are and think making a telmeark turn is harder then it is. There are people who have a nordic background or who have been telemark skiing so long that making alpine turns is harder for them but most people learning to ski are going to find it harder to learn how to tele then to alpine ski. By most people I mean pretty much everyone.

                  WTF is an antecedent-pronoun? I just want to disagree don't make me think.
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                    Teleman, your comment in the other thread was spot on VVVVVVVV

                    I could care less how anyone else gets down the hill...unless he's taking my line!

                    But I do feel strongly that the notion of what is true telemark is getting lost in today's new gear. OK, you don't have to call it "true telemark", I do that just to bust chops for fun, you can call it caveman wallowing and misery for all I care, but it is true telemark. It is a turn where the rear ski creates the turn. It can be done on any modern gear, and is easier on modern gear, but it is perhaps distinguished because it was suited to old skinny edgeless sticks better than the "other" turn, though you can also do the "other" turn on skinnies, if conditions are right and you are balanced.

                    Today's telemark gear is more oriented towards a free-heel parallel, where both skis in unison create the turn...and it should be noted FOR THE RECORD that my preferred definition of "telemark turn" (for those asleep, defined by which ski is more forward of the other) encompasses both the caveman old style and the young Turks with their advanced gear keeping their skis parallel.

                    So, I don't care how you ski, I just want you recognize the difference, and that, if you are good, you can both have your cake (the sweet feel and balance of the rear rudder) and eat it too, on the steepest deepest you can find. I have not been in the last zone for a while...but...with the new hips...this year will tell. I have great anticipation.

                    It seems the Young Turks with their snobby disdain are the ones saying how others should get down the hill. I could care less about efficiency; the times that are most fun are when you are improving. Perhaps oddly, I am so ingrained in the caveman true tele, that the new high stance parallel tele is actually harder for me to do, I am constantly sliding back into "true" parallel.

                    It's my recollection that, back a decade ago, the modern high stance tele turn was often referred to as "fakeamark". Get over it.
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                      Anyone is plural and non-specific. The antecedent, which can be a noun or a pronoun, is you, which is singular and specific, hence antecedent-pronoun disagreement. It is often employed in a misguided attempt to appear clever in avoiding gender specific pronouns, but in gramp's case, I think he is simply misguided. 8^b...

                      The skier can ski faster if they keep their skis parallel to the curvature of the earth.

                      That's a parallel turn, right?
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                        And WsTF w/ the "Alpine" turn? I always thought "alpine" was territory above treeline; below that is "subalpine" (confining this conversation to mountain terrain).


                        "Everybody's a genius" - Albert Einstein


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                          Originally posted by cesare View Post
                          Anyone is plural . . . .
                          Are you sure? I was taught, at least my formerly pristine, i.e., pre-THC, pre-LSD, mind thinks I was once taught that anyone is singular.

                          It's almost like snowfall wouldn't occur if this conversation didn't occur -- Groundhog Day for skiers.


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                            You're right of course. I'm not about to let accuracy get in the way of an internet argument... especially this one.


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                              Originally posted by dschane View Post
                              Groundhog Day for skiers.
                              Thought I better get in on this important thread before I get my first turns in.

                              1. The bastardized shuffle is the true turn for maximum enjoyment.
                              2. Sex, like skiing, should only be performed in one position.
                              3. blah,blah,blah

                              Thanks, I'm almost ready to enjoy the season. Den