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  • TEST: Please comment

    OK, a friend just gave me a Gopro and this is the first time I tried it. First it is not very compatable with my computer as I run XP and Gopro and XP isn't a good match. So, no video editing that I can find. So kinda seeing if it works in a basic mode here. I probably won't use it here as who wants to see old folks skiing.........

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    Very typical of the top of the head camera mounts. We look down more than we realize.
    Go for adventure, take pix, but make certain to bring'em back alive!


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      Damn, who wants to see old folks biking?

      Quality of the image is very good and I had no viewing issues.


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        That was exhilarating, and I was particularly fond of 2:07 where you adjusted suspension for the rock!
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          Well, the content sucks, just trying to test the capabilities of what I got; picture, voice quality et et. Anyway, going to dump the project for my simple pocket camera. I think it would be worthwhile if I didn't have to use FB as a host and had ability to edit and reduce content. My computer won't do that. Thanks.........
          "Just say no to groomed snow"


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            Get a "chesty", way more context for the viewer.
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              you look like a pinhead


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                Originally posted by yugi View Post
                you look like a pinhead
                That's not my head it is a microwave oven for heating up sandwiches, making coffee and reheating old pizza......... Powered by a generator mounted at my bottom bracket. Only adds about 20#
                "Just say no to groomed snow"


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                  Originally posted by twopass View Post
                  Get a "chesty", way more context for the viewer.
                  This. And host on YouTube. You can make the clips private/unsearchable if you want.


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                    the camera worked fine. You could use youtube as a host, and do some editing on youtube as well. One of the things I have done is shoot video with my still camera (that also takes movies) and held the camera vertically not knowing any better.... When I downloaded it to my computer, it was sideways on my screen and the free editing software I had wouldn't rotate it,...... UNLESS, I bought the professional software version for $29.99 . The cheap me, searched for a solution without spending money...

                    I loaded the video on youtube and was able to rotate it upright using their software on the site.

                    anyway, I do find the parabolic lens of gopro's a little dizzying the way it bends the landscape... but maybe it's just me.. I tend to lean back and forth making turns in my chair when I watch ski films too....

                    ... it worked ok.... don't ya think?
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                      Tinky Winky? Dipsy? LaLa? Po? These always look like Teletubbies to me.

                      Who's the gal whooping your butt on the down?

                      I enjoyed the editorial comment.

                      Sound good, pic good/in focus, tho lots of ground. Looks like a fun ride. And it would be fine to see movies of old folks tele-ing.


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                        Quad, I use WIN XP Pro 32 bit, too. Here is a workaround

                        Go to Go Pro site and download their Go Pro studio editing program (it's free!).

                        After clicking on the .exe file you download, and accepting all the EULAs..
                        Open this program, then on left side of screen, click on
                        Import New Files
                        find your go-pro file, and import it. Click on the file you want, then

                        Next at right bottom of screen click on
                        Add Selected to Conversion List

                        If you need to, there is a box in GP Studio you can check rotate or flip your video.

                        It should appear in Conversion List, column on right.

                        Now click on Convert. Go Pro Studio will convert the Go Pro file from their .mp4 codec to a .avi file, which will magically appear in your My Videos folder (in Win XP).

                        With this new file, say GOPRO256.avi
                        You will be able to import your footage into other Video Editing programs. I use SONY Vegas Pro myself, then burn a Blu Ray disc, to preserve the Hi-Def quality.

                        You can also use Go Pro Studio as a video editing program, add music, etc then load your completed project with templates to You Tube or (my choice) Vimeo.
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                          OK, Thanks Cham, I will try that. I guess the main problem is the time it takes converting the vid and transfers. The main issue for me is to reduce the content. So vids that are lengthy can be shortened and just the good shots are published instead of the whole thing.

                          Anyway, I just signed up for You Tube and put in another ride we did today. So, sorry but another test. If the quality is there, then I will try to do the editing and shortening.
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                          "Just say no to groomed snow"


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                            Quadzilla, wrote
                            The main issue for me is to reduce the content. So vids that are lengthy can be shortened and just the good shots are published instead of the whole thing.
                            You can do this in GP Studio, shorten a clip, then "publish" just the edit you want , with music.
                            One thing I do a lot, well skiing with the GP is to take short clips. Shut the GP camera off and on; easier to edit the clips when they are short. Then you get to ask the question,
                            "Is the red light on?"

                            By the way, the new Go Pro H4 they just released will shoot 4K video at 30 FPS..

                            Another way to mount a Go Pro. H3+ black on a ZEN h33d 3 axis gimbal. This gives me a stabilized platform for the GP when I fly my quadcopter
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	New gimbal side view.jpg
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Size:	110.0 KB
ID:	82305

                            As for converting the Go Pro files from .MP4 to .AVI , I find the Go Pro Studio conversion app does this pretty quickly..
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                              Don't you love the branch slaps? That one is better, add a little Motley Crue and off you go! Looks like you positioned the camera a bit better on this one. I've just started my night mtn bike riding, I use an Exposure Diablo on my helmet and a Exposure Reflex on my handle bars and it took two rides to get the lights adjusted where I need them, sort of like the camera.