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    Yep. Lived in Victor in 81 and skied the pass and in the Park, as well as Snow King. If I recall, Jackson lifted the telemarking ban in about 1984. Are you saying you skied Jackson Hole tele in the 70s? I suppose it's possible that tele skiers started showing up around that time and may not have been excluded at first. But at that time a lot of areas didn't allow what they considered cross country equipment on the mountain. Jackson was not the only place by any reach.
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      I remember back in the mid 80s lifties would always ask me why I was on XC gear.


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        Originally posted by Sugarloafer
        BTW, quite a few snowboarders have accessed Alta through Snowbird, but they can't ride the lifts. I could be wrong but I think this is ok under a technical interpretation of their policy. They could just take a shuttle bus back down to Snowbird and repeat, if they've got nothing else to do with their day.
        This is correct, as I understand it. Alta's policy is that snowboarders can't ride the lifts. This is why, I'd argue, the issue is distinct from uphill travel issues.