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    Originally posted by Pherick View Post
    I imagine there's a certain progressive flex pattern that's hard to imitate without holding part of the boot the way a cage does. There's something there from a performance standpoint.
    This is true, because that's how the current boots on the market were designed to function. The tech inserts in the toe were never intended for anything telemark-related. The boot was designed to flex with the toe lug clamped down.

    There is a smart compromise, however, outlined in this thread. A toe cage is way simpler, cheaper, and more durable (especially when nothing is being "pried") than a binding with tech pins. So Inwild has patented a binding using a toe cage that pivots on the same axis as the toe pins. A properly designed boot would flex equally well in either type of binding. It'd be a win for retailers & manufacturers too, probably a lot less breakage. This is also one of the tenets of my proposed Universal Telemark Norm (UTN).

    As JackO said, though, this is all kind of hypothetical given the current situation in terms of gear/norm availability. A switch to bindings like this wouldn't exactly make the current tech-toe NTN boots obsolete, but they would be suboptimal (something consumers might not be jazzed about). So who knows if the sport will ever get there. But with 20/20 hindsight, it would have been great if this had been the way things worked when NTN first launched.


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      Originally posted by bobbytooslow View Post
      From what I gather, 22D is working on an NTN binding -- toe cage, duckbutt connection -- similar to the Outlaw but without the tour pivot, colloquially called the "Inlaw." It will be a 100% inbounds-focused binding, as opposed to a jack of all trades. Removing the tour pivot will make it a lot simpler, and also allow for a more-refined brake system (possibly one that retracts laterally above the ski like alpine brakes?).

      It sounds crazy to mess with the most popular NTN binding (Outlaw), and I have no idea if the plan is for it to eventually go away, but I understand and support the logic. Sell a 100% inbounds binding, and then the Lynx for days you want to tour. Inwild has been working on a non-touring version of the Meidjo as well. No idea about the landing date for either one.
      Is the Outlaw the most popular NTN binding? I would have expected Rotte to be. Not that it matters, just curious.

      Also, they cannot get rid of the Outlaw -- and just leave the Lynx for touring -- unless the boot manufacturers install tech toes across the board. Ditching the Outlaw would say to Scarpa owners "you can only go touring if you own the TX Pro".


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        I'd guess that it will be like Vice and Axl. They'll both be around and won't be that insane because they share a lot of the same parts.

        And I doubt they ditch Lynx, mostly because that's the greatest binding evah made.


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          I'm all in for a resort-only version of the Outlaw if the price is right. I usually reach for my Vices just because they are so simple and totally bulletproof... would love an NTN version of that simplicity!


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            Originally posted by telenerd View Post
            I guess the elephant in the room is, will 22 Designs recall the Lynx for its claw release issue when going downhill. I’ve experienced it and now Madsen finally admitted it on podcast along with others. Time will tell.
            Are you using any preload spacers? I experienced the claw releasing after what I'm imagining is the the 1-3 day break-in period. Added both preload spacers and have not experienced any issues with the claw since.


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              There is a place in my quiver for an Outlaw sans tour mode but with retractable brakes. I am a fan of ski brakes but lets get them on the ski deck where they should be. I'll take two pair.


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                Originally posted by -E- View Post
                There is a place in my quiver for an Outlaw sans tour mode but with retractable brakes. I am a fan of ski brakes but let's get them on the ski deck where they should be. I'll take two pair.
                And make it as easy to step into with brakes as it is without them. I already have two pairs of outlaws and would buy an in-law immediately just over that.