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Ski Bags for airline, train travel, what is your pick?

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  • Ski Bags for airline, train travel, what is your pick?

    Just returned from a ski trip out West to Utah. Had some great snow, in the backcountry, and resort in BCC , Brighton.
    While killing time in SLC and DEN airport, did an informal survey of various ski bags. Most people have been going to larger Dakine ski bags with wheels to carry 2 pair skis and boots? Saw some hard shell ski containers too, usually for one, sometimes two pairs of skis.

    I prefer to have a single nylon ski bag, with only one pair skis, poles, packed with extra clothes , avy shovel and probe. Also, traveling on trains solo, say in Europe a large Dakine style, rolling bag is a hassle, dragging up and down stairs, or boarding a rail coach. Smaller single ski bag can go in overhead rack on trains too.
    My nylon bag is just manageable enough to carry in one hand with lighter skis. I carry my ski boots in a 30L size backpack.
    Here is my ski bag, just coming off a flight in Montreal at midnight Thursday.
    Just make sure your ski bag weighs under 50 lbs! My bag, shown here with DPS Tour 106 skis weighs 25 lbs.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ski bag YUL 3.jpg Views:	1 Size:	573.2 KB ID:	121662
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    The big padded Dakine bags are great for the airport. Room for your boots too. Once your crew gets to the rental car they take up a ton of space. A ski bag that packs small is my preference.


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      Sportube hard case has been my only choice for a few years. but I have one of those 15ft long roller Dakine bags. its ridiculous. it never leaves the garage. unless its completely stuffed, it has no shape and everything slides its so long it fits in nothing....and if you have other bags, good luck navigating them and the Dakine. other than that, the Dakine bag is fine.


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        I recently got a Patagonia Snow Roller. The Patagonia web site says it's either discontinued or out of stock but I found it at the Sapporo Patagonia store for a little over $100 US. I had long wanted a bag with wheels and I like the material Patagonia uses on their Black Hole duffel bags. It's super basic, which I also like but tough and padded enough to offer some protection for bindings and other breakable gear. No straps inside at all but that's fine if you pack other things around it. It can easily carry two pairs of skis and gear but I just had one in it when I went to Rishiri Island last month. When empty, if folds in half and fits in the corner between my dresser and the wall next to it. That's also nice because any bags I put in my storage locker in the basement get mildewed pretty quickly. Before this I used whatever bag I could get for a good price and this one is so much easier to travel with I'm happy I found it.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_7139.jpg Views:	1 Size:	3.42 MB ID:	121708
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          I have heard good things about JSkis ski bags. Don’t own one though.
          Carrying ski gear sucks! That's why we created these ultra durable bags that make carrying ski gear suck a whole lot less.
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            Nice looking bags, but I like a roomier one to stuff with more gear..


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              I used the large SportTube like bauerb. It can hold 3 pairs (TTS with springs off) and an amazing heap of stuff once you figure the system. Reverse the inner tube and it isn't too bad for taking up storage space when not in use. Just don't pack anything in it you need quick access to. Now I use the outer half poked through the rear seat passthrough in my Subie sedan. Keeps everything tidy and snow out of the cabin.
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                I was thinking of somehow using half a Sportube connected to a hitch-mounted bike rack to make a ski-caddy kind of thing....good for a short drive to the ski hill. I ended up deciding that it was a thing that would look cool, but really didn't provide enough value to make worthwhile ..