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  • BC Specific Helmet Giro Feature

    Without rekindling any debate on wither helmets offer worthwhile protection or not, I wear a helmet both for resort and most of the time in the BC. The problem with a ski helmet in the BC is that most don't breath well enough to be wearable on the uptrack and add some weight too. So, you end up packing them on the up and adding another transition at the top and bottom.

    Well, just got a new helmet from Giro for Mt. Biking called Giro Feature that will make a great BC helmet as well. It is ultra light, great protective coverage, goggle compatable, visor and cheap if you shop around. I got mine from Competitive Cycling ( for 56.50 shipped. I have a couple of rides on it and I think it will also be a BC helmet too that you could wear on the up.

    So if you are looking for decent Helmet for BC, look at this one. However, IMO, maybe too light duty for resort skiing and resort wrecks.....

    Video on the Giro Feature Helmet:

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    One of the best things Giro has going for them is the fact they make helmets that fit people with large / odd shaped heads. I'll definitely check this one out when the time comes for a replacement.