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Oh, how I miss the whitewater

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  • Oh, how I miss the whitewater

    Cache Creek

    Not the best summer for whitewater kayaking.

    Been trying to pass the time by bikin' everything in sight.

    F the drought.
    Coastal Crest Snow Patrol

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    Hopefully you'll have a big winter. I'd really like to paddle out there again. We did Cal Salmon, Trinity area, Smith. Lot's of rain at the time so big water.


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      No water is being released into Cache Creek or Russian River this summer.
      My two home flows.
      They are releasing from Lake Berreyessa down Putah Creek.
      Not much of a kayaking destination, but I might have to go back to that.
      No partners for the shuttle however...
      And, there is rumor of a deadly tree across the river at one point.


      Bring on El Nino.
      Coastal Crest Snow Patrol


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        where is this? lots of rubber... j


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          Cache Creek - release from Indian Valley Reservoir and Clear Lake.
          Coastal Crest Snow Patrol


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            don't know if this is the same Cache Creek, but this is pretty funny

            I see you paddle a Wavesport X, I have a "Z"Click image for larger version

Name:	Ray at Whitewasher stern squirt albert pic.jpg
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              Yup - looks like a typical Saturaday on the river. Hundreds of people get washed down that river every weekend.
              It's mass chaos. So funny.
              I have midweek days off, so during the week it's nice and peaceful.
              27 miles of pure fun.

              I have four kayaks, but almost always use the 'X'. Great boat.
              Coastal Crest Snow Patrol


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                I'm missing the whitewater too, not enough time to get out the river lately. Here's a shot from my Grand Canyon 14 day two summers ago. We got rain up here in the northeast, just not quite enough time to chase the water.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Lava falls.jpg
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                  Looks like Lava at high water? Ledge hole is almost washed out.
                  I still have that red mocha water faded into one of my paddling jackets..I have (so far) done 4 kayaking 14 day trips down the Big Ditch.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Ray at Magic albert pic.jpg
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                  On the Kennebec a few years ago
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                    Yep, Lava at higher water. Unbelievably silty on that entire trip. I returned the Overflow I borrowed a nice shade of brown. Jealous you have 3 more trips on me however!

                    If you're ever up at the Kennebec, shoot me a pm. I'm living in Portland for the next year or so and try to get up there pretty often, it's the closest consistent thing!

                    Since we're talking Kennebec, Here's a shot of magic from a few years ago at 8k and some surfing in Orono, ME:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	PA160494.jpg
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Name:	P8250348.jpg
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                      Hey jib, we'll have to do that again sometime. Or maybe some rainy season fun on the South Eel or Noyo before then.

                      This year, it was just a family day on the lower American, and a day on South Fork (it was surprisingly decent at 1300; I once ran it at 10x that). For the most part, it's a lot of biking this summer, and a few good hikes.


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                        Didn't the Feather release last weekend? I'd like to make that one sometime soon. Looks like the next release is the last weekend of September.