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    Originally posted by bobbytooslow View Post

    Click image for larger version Name:	TTSss.png Views:	12 Size:	121.9 KB ID:	120105

    Hopefully this doesn't make too many eyes glaze over...

    Edit to add: There are, of course, even more variables, including spring preload and heel throw attachment geometry. But the above 5 can be tweaked any way you want to get desired results. Other parameters don't have so many degrees of freedom.
    This is awesome! I had seen other similar spreadsheets and graphs elsewhere on the forum as I put together my first TTS and finding it so interesting how preferences and binding/boot variables come into play with setups. Inspiration to make a spreadsheet of my own. This thread and others have been great resources in finally moving to TTS this season - thank you all!

    Fascinating that the height of your risers is about the same off the deck as the toe pins. Measuring the pin heights (front and rear of boot AT hardware) so that they are about even or up to +5mm in the rear skis best for me with F1/F3. On my Voile front half the pin height is 40mm from the topsheet and a 20mm OMG or Voile riser puts the heel 'pin holes' at 40mm. The 25mm 22D riser was pretty good but felt a little 'high-heeled' to me on flatter terrain. I don't think I could ski with a 40mm riser at all.

    I had my second day yesterday with some very used gen1 F1s scored from the forum and LOVED how they felt in fresh snow. I am running them with low pre-load, Voile levers, Voile brown LT springs, pivot bottom 0mm off the topsheet/50mm back from pins. Despite the gap the Voile heels have been holding both boots just fine, though I am also experimenting with the OMG levers and JTB's as well. Hoping to get details on the new Voile levers from them later today
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      Originally posted by jtb View Post
      Regular F1's, or F1 Race? If non-race, that would explain the tippy toes. I find F1 Races to have a great flex, but F1's are too stiff until broken in. BTS has a thread on how to accelerate the break-in if the bellows are too stiff.
      Imagine the number of turns you'd like to make in two days of a perfect inaugural outing. Then flex each boot on a sawhorse that many times. Put the whup to those bellows. Then you can ski them.
      nee, Whiteout


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        Regular F1’s. I probably need to rebake the liners too. It made my feet hurt. I can usually change my technique to make stuff work, but this was pretty rough. Especially when the heel throw fell off.