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Voile Womens Hyper Manti for my wife - just click 'BUY'?

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  • Voile Womens Hyper Manti for my wife - just click 'BUY'?

    Hey folks!

    Hope the summer was swell!

    Looking for advice on if I should just break down, stop the research and get the Voile Hyper Manti for my wife?

    For over 20 years she has telemarked inbounds and out.

    A few years back we built her an ‘alpine’ setup in case she didn’t want to tele. Rossi S3s with Marker Kingpins (for the resort, but possible to tour with). Over the last two seasons she has been gradually moving to less and less tele and now has a dedicated pair of alpine skis.

    This coming season she is doing at least one fly in hut trip with the ladies and I don’t want her to be disadvantaged with the S3 / Kingpin combo (despite that she enjoys skiing them). Each ski with bindings weighs 2.35kg. Not THAT portly, but we can easily shave a pound per foot with some lighter gear. And they are full twin tips, which is a bit annoying for skins and sprays anyone following too close.

    Now when picking a ski for my wife, it has to be excellent. No expense spared. She is an average advanced skier and about middle aged. She doesn’t need to charge, she needs a ski that is going to make her day fun and easy no matter the conditions, no matter the slope, no matter the speed.

    I’ve never owned a Voile, but reading comments on this forum, it seems this is the way to go for that risk free purchase.

    Am I right?

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    Originally posted by jnicol View Post
    Now when picking a ski for my wife, it has to be excellent. No expense spared.
    That's a gold Life Pro Tip right there.


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      I just received the 1st copy of Backcountry Mag. I didn’t notice any Voile skis at 1st glance but was somewhat amazed at the prices of new skis, DPS at over $1500, others at a grand! If those Voile skis are half as good as they claim probably really tough to beat Voiles price point.


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        If the goal is excellent, no spraying those behind, I have two suggestions. Head Kore 99 or Volkl BMT 90. BMT is light and unusually damp for a lightweight carbon based ski. Kore not as lightweight, not heavy either, but solid in all conditions. Neither is cheap, but quality ain't cheap. I like the Manti, but not as much.

        ain't no turn like tele!


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          Well, my wife and I are Voile fans and have a pretty good collection of them. WTBS, only for backcountry touring use and generally used on/in soft snow. As far as what Lynn uses, she has years on Vectors/Ecos/X2's and her go to AT setup is women's Super Chargers/Speed Radicals/F1's. she has three years on these and would have bought the Hypers but not available at the time. Even so hers are not Hypers, she has no trouble staying up on strong tours, A few Cat/EYT trips and Guided EYT tours. So, most certainly she would recommend, Women's Hyper Chargers as a soft snow touring ski. She just got some V6's with scales for AT too but no time on them. just doing a flex test here they look and feel similar to her Super Chargers but a little smaller all around.

          As far as a Manti, seems like it is similar weight to the other women's Voile Skis, I would guess because it is a Hybrid, that means resort/BC and I would also guess that this ski would be stiffer than the others. Not sure how that would equate to your wife's needs. I know Lynn is satisfied with Super Chargers so a stiffer BC ski would not be something she is interested in.

          Anyway, IMO, Voile skis equals durability, reasonable weight and easy to use for a intermediate gal to expert male.

          BTW, what boots/bindings? this is a bigger factor than the skis themselves.........IMO.........
          "Just say no to groomed snow"


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            Agree with the above, Voile Hypers are great construction skis, but for the resort they're going to be chattery unless it's a powder day. Something with a little more weight and dampening would be better for the resort. If you're doing 70/30 or more touring, that's where I'd consider any of the Hyper lineup.


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              Well, because I have nothing better to do, here is a couple of vids we did a few years ago of Lynn skiing her Super Chargers. Both vids are the same day, first is North facing, dreamy soft powder. Second is other side of that ridge on exposed snow and a little thicker and more variable. Lastly, she is not on her F1's but on some Salomon Explores so a little heavier boot and her 6 weeks out from total hip replacement.

              "Just say no to groomed snow"


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                Thanks all.

                the head core I have known to be too stiff for a woman who was not as strong as my wife but to be safe I’ll stay away.

                these will be 100% eyt, backcountry. And 100% AT (she has a deep quiver that takes care of everything else tele and inbounds)

                just reading Voile’s description I’d guess the Chargers are more for Charging and the Manti is a littl downgraded. Just my guess though. Which is kinda what I want. Something easy but that has enough support to hold up.


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                  you should also look at the hyper v8, assuming you want 165's. Same weight as hyper SC and hyper matis, all pretty close to the tip and tail dimensions, but the V8 is wider in the waist. If those EYT are around earing powder shots, hyper V8 is another great option.


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                    My GF has a regular (non-hyper) pair of 158cm Mantis. She loves them. My impression is that they are somewhat of a flatter tail version of V6/V8. Not stiffer than superchargers, AFAIK.


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                      I agree with BTS on the gold in your quote.

                      Voile makes fantastic skis for the backcountry. For backcountry skiing, I recommend going with the regular core. Aspen wood is light, and IMO, they ski much better whenever conditions are not 10cm of soft powder. For ski mountaineering, I'd go with the light core.


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                        I my partner is an intermediate skier in her late 30s. I convinced her to buy hyper mantis at the beginning of last season. These skis are for soft snow and touring only. She got a dozen or so days on them last season. She says they’re great in soft snow but not very good on hard pack.