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  • Telemark Tinkerer's Summit

    telemark_is_undead_ and I were chatting, it'd be cool to have a Telemark Tinkerer's Summit somewhere this winter (TTS2023!). Especially with La Nina and the crummy snow forecasts, we might as well at least geek out about some tele gear. It'd be a chance for folks to show off their creations, and get inspired for further telemark tomfoolery.

    Would folks here be interested?

    We were thinking Utah -- kinda central, easy flights/drives, plentiful lodging, industry presence -- sometime in January or February. But we're open to suggestions about location, dates, and general format/structure (if there is any format/structure).

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    Interested. I could use an excuse to get out to Alta.


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      jtb It'd also be a good excuse to get more than one pair of skis fully functional, haha (talking mainly about myself)


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        Do you need a know-nothing, loud-mouthed back bencher? Asking for a friend.


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          Count me in. Alta would for be great and jan or feb would be fine outside of the weekend of feb 11th.
          The lady friend might kill me if we spend her bday weekend on “other one of my silly hobbies”


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            if i was me, salt lake jan 10 - 12. and sign up for SIA/OR as designers. When scarpa doesn't intro a new boot, again, you can go street rat crazy on Kim.

            I'm out this year, but certainly something i might want to do anther year.

            + How much does Outdoor Retailer cost?

            Please note that you must qualify to attend.

            Retailer / Buyer, Importer / Distributor, Designer / Developer
            • Early Bird (until 12/02/22): FREE
            • Pre-Show (until 01/09/23): $20
            • Onsite: $40

            ​Designer Badge Types

            The Designer badge type is for a Design Company, Freelance Designer, or Designer or Manufacturer who is not exhibiting at the show. A variety of design groups fit this badge type: • Designer • Development • Product Line Manager • Sourcing Manager • Private Label Designer • Materials Buyer • Merchandiser


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              Great idea, Jason. I think many of us could finagle entry one way or another. It would be nice to connect with folks at some of these companies.

              Although I also wonder if they'll all be so busy that dorky tele tinkerers wouldn't get the time of day. Whereas a different (quieter) bunch of days could potentially snare some involvement from FHL, Voile, maybe 22D, etc. I'll ask my contacts at those places.


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                jasonq is your leg still recovering?


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                  Originally posted by jtb
                  jasonq is your leg still recovering?
                  pretty much asymptotic at this point. i'd say something like 95%. ankle has some loss of range of motion, and occasional low level pain is a few places. isolated single instant sharp pain that seems unrelated to anything. knee is mostly goodish, occasional low level pain, occasional "weirdness feeling". Both can get inflamed more than the other leg. Both benefit greatly from a couple advil before activity.

                  last spring i had my first days where i felt smooth and flow-y, and i was focusing on where i wanted to go, and what i wanted to do instead of on the turn i was making right then. Had my first good feeling powder day.

                  this summer kiting felt fine, like skiing, i was finally able to focus on what i wanted to do instead of what i was doing right now.

                  so good enough. And much better than the worst case scenarios in my mind while i as being sledded down. I was looking around wondering if i would ever see those slopes again.


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                    Interested as well. Would be fun to combo a few BC days with an inbounds day or two. Later Jan or Feb is better for me.