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  • Merrell Matrix?

    I was always intrigued by the Merrell Leather upper/plastic sole combo boots. Did anyone ever ski them? i know there were multiple versions. I think Alan Ficci worked forMerrell, what did you think of them?

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    Yes. SuperComp and ExtremePlus. Fave was the extreme plus. Loved the flex of leather. Gave up on it after a 5-day tour in the Monashees with the Reudi Beglinger when we had 3 days of rain. The leather never dried out, turning my feet into the same - cold, wet leather. That and the fact that leather can't hold a candle to the lateral power of plastic. Wish I still had a pair of the Extremes but I wouldn't really use as much as I might think.

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      They could drive a 90-70-80 AT ski, which was a dream we had at the time. But I agree with Dostie, not good for long tours in spring and plastic does more at less weight. I had a pair of Extremes before I left CO but I put them on the karma train and haven't had any desire to seek out another pair. The Extremes chewed my feet up and spat them out. But they were fun to ski on the right boards.


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        What's the general consensus on the widest ski you could really drive with a robust leather boot and a 3pin cable binding?

        I have a pair of lovely Garmont leathers here that I use for Hoks & Altai Koms and I've been reserving for putting together an XCD setup but now I'm intrigued about what mischievous fun I could have inbounds, mounting them on a pair of modern twin tip alpine skis ;-)

        Faction makes a 66mm "mogul" ski, hmm hmm hmmm.
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          This is the boot I'm referring to-
          Click image for larger version

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