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New version of Voile TTS?

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    Originally posted by mikesee View Post
    I have two sets of the current Voile TTS, and 2 sets of self-assembled TTS.

    The current Voile setup seems more fool-proof and failsafe than the DIY setups. Not to say the Voile's can't be improved, but I'm not sure the planned improvements will be enough to get me to replace the ones I have.
    Originally posted by Dostie View Post
    If you can/they will...Yes.
    Thank you!

    They're still in the box and I'm terminally lazy for the second season in a row, so maybe they go back...‚Äč

    edit: whoa! 10 day return policy. notable as one of the shortest windows out there.


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      Hum I will send Voile another email. I requested access to their beta testing group this fall and they mentioned might be able to on next round.


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        Any beta testers- There's a plate that mounts to the ski and the toepiece mounts to that plate. The latter will obviously change. Is the base plate hole pattern the same? If so, is the pin line the same relative to the base holes?


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          Originally posted by mikesee View Post

          Where did you intend for those hyperlinks to go?
          Yikes all this new stuff is beyond me! I used a hash symbol and a 1 to denote type 1.