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    My intuition liners are packed out for my Tour Pros and my Tour Wraps the liners are getting close to needing replaced. After much debate, and the cost of replacing both liners, I thought I’d give Zipfit a try since their new GFT line is suppose to be good for Tele boots. I plan on swapping the Zips between my T2s, Bumblebees, and TXs.

    With the warmer temps and corn still waiting to be harvested why not try something different?

    Stay tuned for a late season review!

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    Well there is a delay on my Zipfit order like everything else. Probably won’t be till late Summer until the Zips arrive, so unfortunately no corn testing. I will make sure to update some comparison photos of how the liners look on my Scarpa boot line so you all get an idea on fit for the T2s, TX, Tx Pros, and Bumble Bees. Yeah I’m a Scarpa fan boy and have too many boots.

    If the liners show up early I will make sure to update the thread. Stay tuned.


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      I just switched to the Zipfit GFTs for my TX Comps (and original TX) and love them. They feel great now and really lock you in, based on ripping around on spring snow (hardpack & corn slush). I haven't had a chance yet to tour in them in my TX's, but I look forward to it.

      Some things to be aware of:

      1. You may have to allow a few weeks of wear -- plus learning how to position the strap, drawstring, and string cinch -- before you feel good in them. Having strings & a cincher under your boot tongue can generate some impressive pain before you get this sorted. I still wonder if there isn't a better way.

      2. They are WAY more fiddly and time consuming to put on and take off -- every time. I went from the fastest in my group at getting my boots on and ready to go to being the slowest. My bootfitter recommended that I always put the liners on first, and then slip the liners into the boot (and same in reverse for removal). If you don't, then your heel sliding up & down on entry & exit will crush out that awesome pocket that holds you in so well. Some friends with Zipfits ignore this advice, but if I didn't care about that, I would probably have just kept my intuition stock liners.


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        Good info Mike. Would you recommend wearing the laces/strap for touring? All the liners I have ever owned I typically remove the laces for touring. With out the laces, makes getting on the boots so much easier and I get better forward movement when going up hill that makes things a little easier. It seems if I cinched up the zip fits when touring the laces and strap would reduce ROM. I may also be able to leave the zip fits in the boots for getting them on without laces.


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          Probably... As I say, I haven't tried them touring yet, but I think that would be a good idea. I know Paul Lutes is a fan of removing the laces anyways, even for performance frontside carving. I'll give that a try next season!