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  • Need a bacon fix?

    We bought a real "country-style" smoked ham over the holidays but due to changes in plans did not cook it. As with other well-preserved smoked meats, it needed no refrigeration so we kept it until last week when we went through the lengthy process of soaking it and then giving it its final cooking. Sorry, I omitted to take pictures, I was too busy stealing little bits to eat before mealtime, but it looked as mouth watering as you would expect.

    I would not recommend this for your common holiday gathering. First, it is a long process and, even after all the cooking is done, slicing a dense smoked ham is difficult. It also has a much heavier taste than a regular ham, not just saltier but this is dense meat. In fact, it's just like eating a huge piece of fatless bacon.

    If you have a craving for bacon, look no further. One of these hams will put you in bacon paradise. If you've never thought there could never be too much bacon, you may change your mind. This is bacon lover's nirvana.

    It also is amusing, for those history geeks like myself, to eat a ham that is pretty much exactly what the founding fathers ate and raved about. Jefferson had Virginia hams sent to him in Paris, one can readily see that they would last the crossing easily.

    We bought ours from Father's Country Hams in Kentucky.

    Anyone else have experience with true smoked/aged hams that need no refrigeration?

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    We rarely see a bacon post that thoughtful and informative.

    Now, do you have anything on hookers and blow?


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      You need to rub some bacon on it.
      "Nobody ever got my name right." - Me


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        dammit baaabb, now i want ham after making chicken for dinner... j
        Smithfield has all of your favorite breakfast meats, from smoked bacon to delicious country sausage; with free shipping on all orders.


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          every other day I chop up some pieces from the ham, fry them and finish with a basting of maple sugar. put them in a bowl and snack all day

          you know how in Westerns the cowboys reach in their pockets, pull out something small and dry and chew on it. I think it's some of this fried ham. either that or raw squirrel, like Daryl eats
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            Once you finish the ham there is this:

            Click image for larger version

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            When I worked at the ski areas all the mechanics swore dill pickle seeds were just like crack. They never met sizzling bacon seeds.

            Think I have had one of those hams before, got it from a smoked meat joint in Oklahoma or Texas. Yummy
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