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Rub on Wax Spring/Sticky Snow

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  • Rub on Wax Spring/Sticky Snow

    What ya all running for spring wax for glop and fish scales? My friend had some Dominator butter and worked fabulous on fish scales and tips and tails. However it’s sold out and can’t find it. Any other recommendations? I tried Swix F4 and it works okay and I normally hot wax red or yellow swix on tips and tails. But haven’t really found anything good for fish scales except that butter I tried.


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    Zardoz NotWax®. Thank you again Paul Ramer for being decades ahead of your time. RIP


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      Loads of excellent liquid waxes now days. Dries fast , stays on fairly well, and can be used for tip and tails, and the patterned kick zones.

      If alcohol-based, they can also be used on skin skis and traditional climbing skins.

      Prices are reasonable. Swix, Toko, Star, Vauhti, Rex, and Start make good stuff. Again, if skins are in the picture, go for alcohol-based stuff..


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        Howdy. I ended up buying Dominator Elite W. The wax is a small grey bar. Just rub it on and cork it. Easy to stuff in pack.

        Elite W is the non floro version of Butter that uses special polymers. Makes a huge difference on spring sticky snow and you can practically ski all day in blue bird conditions on a warm spring day. Completely eliminates sticking and clumping. Lasts a lot longer then F4 or the liquid waxes. Highly recommend buying a stick. The wax will last you several years because very little is needed for spring applications!

        I also plan on testing some Dominator Zoom Graphite hot wax. Suppose to hold up better in old spring snow for better glide. Another plus Dominator is made in USA!


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          What ever happened to Klister wax, in a tube? Smear it on, with the plastic blade applicator (just under the kicker area). Then get it all over your wool, Dachstein mitts, your clothes, car upholstery, everywhere. And almost impossible to get off, say at the top of a climb.
          Forget trying to scrape it off, even with a steel scraper. Need to use a solvent.

          This was for waxable skis, not fishscales. Just warning people about Klister wax in a tube.
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