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Snow Report, Crater Lake

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  • Snow Report, Crater Lake

    Traveling north Through Crater Lake NP on Monday, 9 June, and back the same way on Friday, 13 June, I was gratified to find lots of deep snow on northerly aspects along both sides of the 7,600 ft. road elevation along the recently opened West Rim Drive as well as the nearby parts of the just opened north facing slopes on the East Rim Drive. We got up there on Monday at about 4PM after a warm day following a series of warm nights, so the snow was wet mush, though I had to try it out with one run to confirm this.

    Returning there Yesterday, and after there were some nights at that elevation in the mid 30s to find ~ 2 inches of new, wet snow on the old firmed up base and it still snowing at 10AM. Exploring for best surfaces for turns took me to openly forested slopes above the nearest part of the just opened western part of the East Rim Drive. In these open forests the base snow was more smooth than the slightly sun cupped and rain-rilled open slopes, the wind was less, the 1.5" - 2" of fresh wet was a smooth, buttery layer, and visibility was better than the featureless open slopes in the fog and blowing snow. Biggest obstacle was finding places to get over the vertical snow walls along the roads. By the time I had finished driving and hiking all over to check the snow, I was out of allotted time so sadly had to skip earning any turns, even as the sky was starting to clear. Had to return to pick up Mrs. H. at the CL Lodge, so we could be on our way.

    There is a lot of deep snow up there that you can drive right to, and probably will be for some time.

    This shows the north aspect of "The Watchman", 8,013', 6/9/14
    Click image for larger version

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    View north from the lower north aspect of Hillman Peak, 8,151', 6/9/14
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    The snow above and below the road below Hillman Peak, 8,151', 6/9/14
    Click image for larger version

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    Gratuitous shot of the north side of Diamond Peak, across Odell lake, 6/9/14
    Click image for larger version

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    Even layer of 1.5"-2" new snow on smooth, firm, deep base above road, on or near north slopes of Llao Rock, 8,048 ', 6/13/14
    Click image for larger version

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