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Zipper Repair?

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  • Zipper Repair?

    The pull on my zipper is mostly done.

    And I have talked to my physician ...

    Any fool proof method home method?

    Should I give it to an expert.

    I am afraid next season it will give out one morning and it will simply not zip.

    Zipper is fine, just the pull has broken off and I think the little piece that keeps the zipper from unzipping is hanging up sometimes.

    (I should really buy a new jacket, maybe Lime Green or something that shouts "telemarker" instead of "back rack at REI".

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    backcountry in northern New Mexico


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      These guys repair zippers IFF they are repairable. Rainy Pass Repairs

      ain't no turn like tele!


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        I really like buttons and snaps, the work really well on my knickers and Mackinaw.


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          Had the zip slider replaced on my goretex jacket last winter .
          Cheap repair , works like new again , my jacket will last me a few more winters .
          Have slider replaced before getting frustrated with zip , using brut force and ruining the whole zip .


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            If it is a heavier toothed zipper, not coil, I have coaxed 1-2 additional years out of past zippers just by squeezing the slide together a bit with a pair of pliers.


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              I think I will wait - assume that by next winter I will either be in prison, hospitalized in a "hospital for the criminally insane", or face down in a road side ditch.

              Or maybe ...

              I'll report back about which ever happens first.


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                A loop of nylon cord will work fine as a pull on most YKK sliders. Smaller sliders may require narrower cord. Works fine, and in fact I've cut metal sliders off to replace them with cord (on packs and tents) because I don't like the sound of jangling zip pulls.

                From context, it appears likely that you are using "pull" to mean the slider. That can be replaced; I've replaced coil zip sliders but nylon-tooth sliders may be harder to do. If it's too hard to do, have the manufacturer do it, probably for free, or pay a gear repair shop to do it.
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                  When the topic of conversation turns to zippers I can't help but mention how I was the person responsible for The Great Zipper Wars at St. Cecelia's Elementary in Swift Current, Saskatchewan during the winter of '67.

                  At the time, I proposed a convention (which was widely praised and accepted) whereby sides for schoolyard conflicts -- snowball fights and what have you -- were determined by the brand of zipper on your coat.

                  If memory serves, back then in our region, there were two predominant brands -- Acme and Lightning. Those with lesser or more obscure brands were designated as allies of either Acme or Lightning. Children with buttons or snaps were ritualistically stoned to death -- to set the tone. The battle du jour would then ensue.

                  This thread is not the place for stories of those battles. Suffice to say they were epic. For veterans of The Great Zipper Wars, like myself, even acts as mundane as a visit to a urinal are a profound and moving experience.


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                    Originally posted by airinwrite
                    I really like buttons and snaps, the work really well on my knickers and Mackinaw.
                    Of course dey do. Its dem strings on-da Stormy Kromer dat confuses some folks.


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                      rub ski wax on the zip edges in a pinch. i use cable ties looped for new handles, they work well with gloves. the pliers too, for a complete tuneup... j