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Earning (not so much turning) - a study in contrasts

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  • Earning (not so much turning) - a study in contrasts

    This was an item that fell off the radar last summer, but was an interesting read for me.

    Too bad it didn't end on a higher note:

    It seems that in trying to talk about this trip with people everyone wants to know how much suffering we endured. Nothing was harder for me than to see our group unable to communicate effectively to the point where we were useless at decision making. What brought us such strength at one time was now our undoing. It wasn’t that hard to stop the trip pre-maturely and get back to our separate lives because the price of continuing was more than anyone wanted to invest to see it through.

    Group dynamics are a tricky thing. This one turned out quite differently.
    It could have been so easy for the addition of Rowat to be a disaster; team chemistry is alchemy at the best of times and stirring in a new person could have been terrible. Instead, everyone on the trip remembered Rowat’s presence as a welcome change. Edwards wrote that the men had gotten into a “fast and uncompromising pace” that had been creating tension, and Rowat got them to slow down and talk more before acting. The men all agreed Rowat’s habits of skiing in a flowery party dress and stripping naked to swim in glacial ponds added immensely to the scenery.

    Either way, amazing stuff.

    If I get permission, I'll post a pic of Lena in the dress with a duck on her butt.
    Soccer is a game of feet. Hockey is a game of inches.

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    The article on was fantastic. Great writing, great story.