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Spring 2021 - are you here?

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  • Spring 2021 - are you here?

    Our winter is gleefully running long. Taken today after work. Spring is supposed to appear at the end of this week.

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    Cabin camping a couple of weeks ago.

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    Springtime here in Hokkaido... yay for active volcanoes!

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    Approaching Antarumadake on Saturday before the weather closed in and we summited inside the ping pong ball.

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    Sunday on Maetokachidake, skinning right up under the crater that erupted in 1988 destroying a local ski area and leaving behind scorched tree trunks still standing at tree line far below. The pyroclastic flow from the 1926 eruption reached all the way to Kamifurano 16 km down the hill and killing two women, whose nephew I met in the hot spring at the trailhead a few years ago. He told me not to tell anyone we are going this close to the crater but we figure as gaijin we can probably be forgiven.

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    The Chihiro Gully is a nice, long line that skis more like a bowl this year with 4.5 meters of snow still on the ground.

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    Asahidake (highest peak in Hokkaido) in the background with scorched tree trunks providing gates on the lower mountain.

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    The Tokachi Mountains with smoke billowing from the crater between Tokachidake and Maetokachidake in the middle part of the view. From Kamifurano where the 1926 pyroclastic flow reached the town.
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      Keep 'em coming for those of us facing a historically low snow pack for this time of year.


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        Originally posted by Grant View Post
        Keep 'em coming for those of us facing a historically low snow pack for this time of year.
        Definitely pretty wild in the northeast this year. Here's a cool graph Matt Parrilla put together with the NWS data (updated daily) showing the year-by-year... not good!


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          Click image for larger version

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ID:	109673 Im hoping I can ski until July this year in the Snowy Range of Wyoming. But I guess we will see. Check out this huge cornice!


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            Thanks for the snow pics, cesare and others. Sadly, no trips to Europe this year, to stretch my ski season. All lifts in France are still closed..
            Jay Peak closing April 25th, and frankly I'm not a fan of slush skiing. I like to carve on dry snow..


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              Planning on heading from VT to Summit County the end of the month for some spring turns but seems Winter is hanging on there......Bring on 60 and sunshine please.....


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                Yes, Spring is here in the PNW, at least for this week. We have had a good winter in Washington, actually much better than our ~125% current snowpack suggests. On Sunday, it was 19F with a foot of new. By Monday, high pressure arrived and it will be sunshine and 60F plus in the lowlands this week - very Spring. We still have 125" base at the lowest pass (3,200') and Mt Baker has its usual anemic 200" base at 4,200'

                Pic from last night's sunset corn harvest, taken at ~3,500, Seattle is lurking under the haze in the valley in the top center:

                Click image for larger version

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                  djhutch Whoa whoa whoa, let's see another shot of those plum-smuggler spandex tights


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                    Ha bobbytooslow u r too funny and too observent. The ONLY reason I will oblige, is to show off my new Frankenboots (TXstrale Comps) to the tribe. I am vain enough to admit that I quite like how the orange on one of the Chevrons is almost identical to the cuff color.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20210415_030436826.jpg
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ID:	109706 When I find a few hours to kill, I plan to write my personal experience with boot modding, but the Cliff Notes version is this was a surprisingly easy mod, but I would not recommend it because the pros are so little and the cons are relatively high.


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                      I like those boots. Not sure about the tights.


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                        They really show off your sexy knee pads.


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                          So the Maestrale cuff lock mechanism, works perfectly with the transverse "pin" on the Comp lower? Cool, much better locking cuff system on the new Maestrale and my Scarpa F-1s.
                          A closeup of that would be useful.

                          I'm not ready yet for the Lycra though.


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                            Wandered outofbounds from a ski resort in Alberta recently for a springtime big pack baggy pants tour.

                            It was bright.

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                              Ski resort, Sunshine ?