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Need to stash a car in Summit

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  • Need to stash a car in Summit

    meeting girlfriend then onto DIA for3 weeks in europe

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    You can stash the girlfirend at my place and take the car to Europe

    Seriously, wish I could help. I'm sure someone here will step up...does the car have to be parked in Summit Co.? Maybe Boulder or Denver?
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      Whereabouts in Europe?


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        Whip, you could certainly park a car by my house, if that helps. As far as Summit, what about Tyler/Rachel, or Scotty?


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          Originally posted by Danno View Post
          Whip, you could certainly park a car by my house, if that helps.
          Are you sure you want to conceal the domestic assets of an individual with ties to the DIA?

          Facilitating a clandestine rendez-vous with said mysterious woman on foreign soil?
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            Could stash it at the old Stapleton Airport Park and Ride for $2.00/$4.00 a day.

            Though probably want a battery disconnect if one is expecting it to start ...

            You would be the $4.00 a day;

            It is only a little bit further from Summit to West Denver ... then a quick bus ride to the DIA.



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              Is it nice?

              If not just park it at the Summit Stage bus station behind the Safeway. If so, then I dunno. You can take the bus from BV.