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  • cesare
    I totally agree with regard to volume fit and heel hold down. In my experience a shell too long can result in the bellows crushing the toenails. When plastic boots first emerged, I thought the bellows should be farther back but maybe that's just because I was expecting them to flex like my leathers had. Once I adapted and got the right size, a performance fit seemed to keep the bellows from crushing my toes. If your bellows are not collapsing that's a good sign.
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  • Hindfoot
    started a topic Optimum Bellows Location

    Optimum Bellows Location

    In looking at all the parameters of boot shell fit to foot, am interested in what the collective wisdom here opines is the best spot for the bellows relative to the toes. Where the foot bends at the base of the toes, the distal ends of the metatarsals would seem to be best aligned, fore to aft with the center of the bellows. Would like to know the best spot to be able to efficiently flex the boot and keep forefoot on the ski.

    My Comps are likely a bit long for me, so am hoping that at least the bellows are situated in a good spot for best flex of boot. The bellows do not collapse or interfere with my feet. It would seem a shell a bit too long might partly redeem itself by giving more leverage so as to be easier to flex, as long as shell volume fit and heel hold down are still OK.