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Brewer Creek Beer Fest.

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  • Brewer Creek Beer Fest.

    How do folks. Anyone know if/when Brewer Creek,(Mount Shasta) might be open?

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    Current Shasta Avalanche Center description:

    Brewer Creek Trailhead: CLOSED. The route is in good shape. Always be on the watch for rockfall. Also, be mindful when returning to your car as many people become disoriented upon descending below treeline. This route sees sun first thing and softens quickly...get an early start to avoid postholing. One cannot drive all the way to the trailhead so be prepared for potentially miles of snow covered roads to the trailhead. Currently (as of 4-24-14), vehicles can make it 1.2 miles on the 42N02 road, which leaves about 4.8 road miles to the trailhead. You must pick up your summit pass, wilderness permit and human waste packout bags at the Mt Shasta or McCloud Ranger Stations until the trailhead opens

    CLOSED basically means that you can't park at the trailhead. The road switchbacks as it nears the trailhead, so the skiing distance to the trailhead would be less than the road distance. You might get an update by calling the Fifth Season or Forest Service.


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      I'm looking at an extended trip to the Shasta eastside starting around May 23 if anyone is interested in joining.