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DIY Excursion heel retention buckle

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  • DIY Excursion heel retention buckle

    Any other low volume, flat foot and skinny ankle people improvise a heel retention kit?

    Here I’ve got a pretty mint pair of Excursions, which I enjoy, but also struggle with a persistent baggy heel. Yes, liners were molded. Yes, I’ve played with insoles, boot board shims, heel lifts, ankle shims, and instep shims. For real, it’s been a journey.

    The bootfitting lessons of my youth have worked wonders from what was an abysmal start, but a Scarpa style - or rather placement style - heel retention buckle might take this boot from 85% dialed to 100% dialed for yo-yo missions. Truly, Scarpa’s heel retention system is light years better than any of the Dynafit/La Sportiva/Garmont/Lange boots I’ve cycled through, telemark or alpine. YMMV. Of course spare Scarpa parts are presently unobtanium with the pandemic, so I’m playing with spare parts from other past boots.

    See photos for the rough idea and placement: would create new holes and t-nuts to secure.

    Thoughts or experiences down this path?

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    I have Excursions, and the same heel lift issue. Any updates? Success?

    Found this link at another site, might be a source for parts.


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      Could a Voile strap riveted with the 'buckle' near the instep and looped through a D ring on the outside of the boot work?


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        Capital idea, Grant!

        What I used to do with 2-buckle T2s was scavenge a buckle from an old Raichle Flexon. They were perfect.


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          Originally posted by Grant View Post
          Could a Voile strap riveted with the 'buckle' near the instep and looped through a D ring on the outside of the boot work?
          Been there. Done that. It works. Actually, because I have such a pancake foot I routed the strap from the inside/medial pivot (between the shell and liner) to the outside/distal pivot. I removed the metal tooth and, with a longer pivot bolt, fastened it to the outer pivot on the distal side. So the strap goes from inside the boot, over the liner/under the shell tongue, and fastens on the outside. Superb heel hold down.

          ain't no turn like tele!