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Face mask for lift skiing recommendations

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  • Face mask for lift skiing recommendations

    So i ended up getting a season pass, currently no restrictions on days for pass holders at my mountain. But masks in line, on lift, etc.

    anyone have a recommendation on a mask for skiing? needs to be able to work with a helmet, easy up and down with gloves on, not get soaking wet when snowing, and not be too bulky around the neck when down. And not be too hot.

    i expect i am not the only one looking for options.

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    I just skied my first day of the season using a KN95 mask held in place with ear loops and tucked under my goggles at the nose. It worked quite well. It was easy to slide down enough to uncover myself but I found that I could ski without difficulty with it down. And it was actually doing some meaningful filtration in both directions (as opposed to just catching large outgoing droplets) It got a little wet from breathing into cold air but I think that actually will help catch the aerosols better than dry (my personal hypothesis). FWIW, YMMV.
    It's turns! Of course it's worth the hike!


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      humm, on a nice day an KN95 mask would likely be ok, but in a cascade powder day, pretty sure it would get super soaked. But maybe some sort of soft shell cover for it?

      i can't say i am really excited about doing mask projects. not as fun as binding projects. btw, have used TR2's coming on monday. 10 days to send them back if i don't like them.


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        Yes, it was 3 hrs at a resort in good weather. 6 hrs in a Cascade storm would present some different issues. A barrier outside might help if it's well-ventilated. Or maybe carry several and swap them out as they get wet? I did have 2 other masks of different designs with me, so I'm still feeling my way through it. FWIW, I did notice that I was getting better filtration than I expected, while most masks, including procedures masks and nearly all cloth masks protect others and not you - they only catch large exhaled particles and get (functionally) zero filtration.
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        It's turns! Of course it's worth the hike!


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          The Loveland Ski Area Sport Shop sells triangular, Loveland patterned, bandana style masks that are backed by a thick layer of fleece. I just tie mine behind my head and lift it up over my face when I need it. It comes with a waxy coating on it that washes out. It is my favorite mask. You know what we say at Loveland. It may be cold but at least it's windy.

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          Their phone number is (303) 571-5580 X112 or X117
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            We got these to try. Haven't had the occasion yet, but my criteria was the same as yours and I am optimistic this will work.