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Meidjo 3 - how does it work?

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    I am pretty sure the plugs on Shapeways work with the 3.0 springbox, because I got a late 2.1 springbox that is visually indistinguishable from the 3.0 version (it has the ramps). The plugs work with both my ramped springbox and the older 1.2 version I use as a spare.

    Using just the ramped springbox and the plugs, and a bunch of anti-ice tape, yes, you can improve the Meidjo for downhill-only use (or climbing with a heel riser). I did have to step in a little harder to get the claw to engage. It looked like a problem when bench testing as the claw didn't grab, but when carpet testing, I think the bellows flex allowed the duckbutt to go just a bit lower and catch the claw.


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      Originally posted by jtb View Post
      I did have to step in a little harder to get the claw to engage. It looked like a problem when bench testing as the claw didn't grab, but when carpet testing, I think the bellows flex allowed the duckbutt to go just a bit lower and catch the claw.
      Yeah, this makes sense. I found them really easy to step into, but I only used them with my duckbutted F1's, so plenty of bellows flex. It'll be interesting to see if folks in crazy stiff boots have an issue.

      Oh and yes, good point, this is a fine solution for folks content to do all of their touring with a 26mm heel lift (or more).


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        pics of some of my experiments.

        pic of what BTS calls the non-tour binding. But next up is what i am thinking of as a reverse stick of death to enable tour mode. and something instead of the tour latch at the back.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20201104_192615255.jpg
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        stick of death redesign. this requires a lifter under the binding. doesn't use the stock part that attaches to the ski under the spring box. If i go foward with this option, the front stick pivot would be built into the riser, and i have something different in mind instead of the tour latch at the back (same something as above).

        Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20201105_040220321.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

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        lastly, what's this? since i was redesigning so many parts, i figured if i want more bindings i could save a lot of money by buying spare parts since i have a bunch of dynafit toes. this is a vertical to 3.0 mount converter. flex plate is not attached, but you can see the features for it there. in the end, i would just do a riser for dynafit toes, but this was an easy fast way to try it out.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20201105_043955740.jpg
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          Interesting ideas there. Now I see what you mean about the flex plate interference when it drops below horizontal.

          Does anybody know the spring rate of the stock Meidjo springs? I know it's a bit OT but I figured if anyone does, it's probably someone here. I also made some longer thumb screws like Jason's, not for changing the pivot point, but to see if I can get a little more forward travel. But I need longer springs with a similar spring rate to make it work.


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            based on measurements/calcs, each outer spring is ~50 lbs/in. I forget what the travel was, 2.25"+ i think. i didn't measure the inner springs.

            something like this might work:

            lee spring company
            Part Number: LHL 625B 10
            HEFTY™ Die Spring
            Outside Diameter (inch):
            Hole Diameter (inch):
            Rod Diameter (inch):
            Free Length (inch):
            Rate (lb/inch):
            Solid Height (inch):
            Wire Diameter (inch):
            Music Wire
            Load at Solid Height(lb):
            Squared and Ground
            Direction of Wind:
            Factory Option
            Active Coils:
            Total Coils:
            Purple Powder Coat


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              For those who have already purchased the Meidjo 3.0 with the new toe piece, do you think the new stronger toe piece affects release? I like Meidjo and the release is one of the reasons I bought them. I have them on 3 pairs of skis and one pair with Lynx. So far I’ve had no toe piece issues with the Meidjo’s but have had a toe piece problem right out the gate with Lynx, had one replaced after only one use (version 1.0).


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                i don't have pre 3.0 meidjo toes, but do have a couple varieties of dyanfit toes. the 3.0 clamps HARD, and holds on HARD. from the feel on the workbench i think you could tour unlocked. So yes, i think it is affecting release value.

                I have a torque wrench that i have used to measure approx release values in the past and i am going to measure the release of toe with and without the spring box. And same deal using a dyanfit vertical toe (that is part of the reason i made a mount adapter for vertical toes). but that is at my other house. i'll snag it next week when i go back for a week.

                all that said, my gut is telling me the 3.0 toe alone is at or above my DIN setting. And i will either end up using dynafit toes or changing the release spring, or both.


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                  Thanks jasong. I’m contemplating putting Meidjo’s on Voile Ultra Vector BC’s but wondering about releasability on V 3.0. I think V 2.1 still available but the easier step in with the V 3.0 is another item I’m interested in. But if releasability goes out the window I’m not sure. I could just continue schlepping with my older UVBC’s with Switchbacks. At least that way my feet are way more comfortable in my Garmont boots versus the TX Pros from Scarpa.


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                    you can have 2.1 + new step in. late 2.1's included the 3.0 spring box for full step in. TP has them on sale. i almost got them instead of 3.0.


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                      Thanks for the spring info Jason. Super helpful as always. I just measured the spring travel on my stock Meidjo springs and it was about 2.05". They may have compressed slightly since new as I noticed I had to periodically tighten the thumb screws to keep the same tension.

                      Unfortunately, there's only room for about 5" of spring until you run into clearance issues at the heel. Of the springs offered by Lee in the rate and size ballpark, none of the 5" springs, or 6" springs cut down, would offer more travel than 2.05". So to get more travel out of the Meidjo, I would either need to find a way to fit 6" of spring under the boot, or find another spring that has the same characteristics as the stock Meidjo springs in 5" instead of 4.2".


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                        most die springs don't come in 5", they usually go 4" then jump to 6 or 12". but they could be out there. here is 4.5" at 75 lb/in with 2.26 deflection at solid.

                        another option instead of getting 5" springs is to get 1" springs and stack them with the stock spring. your spring rate will go down but travel will go up. 1/(1/k1+1/k2)

                        or get a new stiffer 4" spring and a new 1" spring and try to hit the rate you want.

                        the stacking spring option can be interesting if you mix load classes and have one spring go solid before the other giving you a rate increase at that point.