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Bluebird Backcountry?

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  • Bluebird Backcountry?

    Anyone out there try the Bluebird Backcountry experience? I live a little over an hour away from the new location that was chosen for this upcoming season and was thinking about giving it a whirl.


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    I've not but I used to drive by those mountains a lot when I lived in Steamboat. I don't know their actual permit area from previous seasons but it appears to me that the mountain they were on before has a lot more interesting terrain than where they are this year. I don't know, maybe they are having to make the best of a decision beyond their control. Somehow I'm on their mailing list so I spent a bit of time looking at it on Google Maps and satellite and it really doesn't look as interesting. I do know someone who did some hosting for them a couple of years ago but have never spoken to her about it.


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      Thanks for the intel. Yeah I am also concerned with the number of people that could be going to the location. Getting fresh tracks may be impossible. Good thing I live fairly close to some good backcountry skiing. However trying something different like Bluebird may be a nice thing to mix things up for the season.


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        Their previous location looked grim from a getting snow POV, this new location supposedly receives 50% more. Which would be needed.

        Can't speak to the actual terrain differences.


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          Well I know this is an old thread but I want to add a bit of information and context to this. I just spent two days here and overall have a bunch of positive things to say.
          first - it’s kind of between a backcountry and resort experience. For me I’m with my family and not familiar with the CO snowpack. So it was a good safe way to get out there in a pretty controlled and safe way
          second -although it’s not cheap (like $45/day), it is stress free and run by really friendly and knowledgeable folks
          Third - I was there on a weekend and had no problem finding soft snow to ski. Some totally untracked,some just soft - see comment Home
          fourth- there’s a super wide variety of terrain from really mellow, to nice bowls, to steeps I won’t go near any more.

          Bottom line - would I go back. Sure I would. Plus who doesn’t love a warming hut with free bacon.