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The Covidemic plague on skiing makes me sick

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    Originally posted by tele.skier View Post
    Those are arguments from authority,... in other words you name some highly esteemed people and claim their highly esteemed status proves they are right... I disagree with them. I think Trump is right about a lot of our country's policies. I don't care that he offends the traditional republicans, I don't think any more of them then I do of Trump. (and he's certainly a warts and all guy)

    Like anyone can these days, I can go into full on google mode and find occasions where every single one of those people emphatically stated their opinion which then turned out to be wrong... because that's how we all are. We're wrong occasionally, but few of us act like you about it, with derisive comments, using insulting names for people you hate and people you are trying to argue with. You're just like Trump, and one of the qualities I wish he exercised less.

    Think of all the policy mistakes which made up the different disasters which happened over the last 70 years. All of those highly esteemed types of people were contributors to the policy ideas that contributed to those mistakes. No Ivy league law degree makes them smarter than anyone else, maybe more sanctimonious, but no less prone to be wrong on occasion. This isn't math or science we're talking about where 1+1= 2, where no matter who adds it up it's still the same. This is political science where if you believe "Bernie" then you are breaking windows and stealing $hit, because of the "billionaires" and "Millionaires"... If you believe Obama, (or his henchmen who did his dirty work) then everyone is racist. It's sickening and basically a false generalization. There's no clear math for right and wrong, so you have to have beliefs and be willing to listen to other people's opinions and consider their arguments.

    There's endless research to prove whatever you wish to prove on the internet, much of it documented properly and proposed as some extrodinary wisdom.

    " You're on the wrong side of history pal. And it won't treat you kindly." That's cryptic baloney. Pat yourself on the back some more for agreeing with yourself.

    It doesn't matter what happens in the election, if Trump is elected and the economy takes off, our soldiers all come home, and their a more peaceful world, some pundits will credit Clinton/bush/obama/whoever. If Biden wins, and anything bad happens at all, those same pundits will blame Trump...

    We all know that is true of all political factions... I have to do some WORK now...
    So, sentiments like this will be cited by future historians as emblematic of this period in history: Truth itself has been politicized; Experts know nothing; The fact that humanity is complex and no one is right about all of its aspects is proof that all ideas are equal.

    I think the complexity of the human condition will only continue to grow. Are we up against the limits of humanity's ability to parse that out accurately? I wish I were smart enough to know how this all will end.
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      Okay...back on topic.

      My local bump is indicating they will lay out their plans in early October as to where they go with covid. Seems a bit early to try and decide a path. Schools are back in and as expected there are spikes. How bad will it get? November might be a better time for the resort to make a decision.

      I plan to buy a pass but have a fall back plan to ski in one of our local parks. Years ago when the kids were still living under the roof and snow was a bit more consistent I shunned the lift served. Wasn't my thing in leather boots and skinny sticks. Eventually speed got into my blood and I went back to the lifts. Nice to know that the option still exists for earning your turns. Some nice easy up trails that suit waxing just fine with steeper tree covered slopes down to the uphill track.

      Certainly glad our leaders did a somewhat decent job of getting on top of this thing and there is hope that we see some normalcy as winter rolls out. Most/all my skiing is first thing in the morning and I don't see a reservation type system getting in the way of that. Weekends and night time could be different in that respect. The joys of retirement and skiing when you like cannot be underestimated. Many days when it was cold rain or super cold and windy I would be the only one on the hill with two lifts running. Felt a bit guilty but carried on regardless.

      Anywho, hope you all get out and have a great winter.


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        Just have to post, if only once more, to say my how things get revealed. FHW used to be one of only two posters I had on block (oddly the other--still on--was his constant punching bag,...a conversation destroyer well deserving it). I was put off most by FHW's terrorist threats ("if we meet I will boot punch you in the mouth.") Now he shows his true colors and I'm honored to call him my countryman. Others, whom I've read much but understood much less, now reveal why. A corruption I can't fathom. We live in a huge society with a vast bureaucracy built and funded by compromises over hundreds of years. Wisely, a civil service system was established to maintain at least a semblance of justice, operating on a system of laws-not-men. Now along come nihilists who want to blow it all up as the deep state, install nothing but cronies to control all aspects of the system, consider what I want only to oppose it, and prepare for armed struggle if the electoral process goes against you. You are not my countrymen. Over.
        nee, Whiteout


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          My silkscreen poster from '68 before I went to war.
          Time to unfurl.


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