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  • Volkl VTA 208

    First of all its been like 15 years since I was hanging in TTips. But... Has anyone skied the Volkl VTA 208? I had been on my K2 Coombacks for a decade (600 days at least). With kids and trying to afford life in the modern-west I just can't justify spending $1500 on a pair of un-mounted skis. Funny, I was in a ski shop a couple years ago and the salesman told me how it was truly the golden age of ski touring- yeah cuz all the skis were over $1000. Ridonculous! Thinking of the years of telemark BC bliss on the used set-up (boots/skis/bindings/poles) I got for $200 in 1992.

    Anyway I digress - rolled the dice on a pair of 190 Volkl VTAs for $325 on-line. Holy crap these skis do everything! Tight turns in trees and super-stable wide-open on the face. ****-dog!



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    Volkl VTA? Yeah, skied 'em. Awesome skis. Very similar but not quite the same as the BMT's which are just the V-Werks design marketed to the backcountry with more sizes. As I recall they were less damp than the V-Werks, but that could be a misplaced memory.

    Review of VTA88 on EYT

    ain't no turn like tele!


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      It's 108, innit?