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    Originally posted by -E- View Post
    PM sent. Thanks dschane.
    Will go out tomorrow. As I inspected the ones I used, they're definitely flattening out. If they work, we'll have to find stronger ones.


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      PM sent to dschane as well! Awesome offer!

      I had a different experience - I bought the V2s at the end of last season, but before I did, I called 22D and asked point blank "will there be any changes for next season, if so I'm going to hold off." The response was an unequivocal "no, maybe the flex plate or something, but nothing we can't mail you."

      Hearing that springs and toe pieces are on the [possible] list piques my interest a bit... and not in a good way.

      We'll see!


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        At first I thought the V1 toes were fine. Then they stopped snapping shut at all. I could still ski them but had to close them by hand and keep them locked out all the time. The v2 toes are worlds better. But I guess I should not be too surprised if they too need an upgrade at some point. As far as the springs are concerned, I find them to be fine. It's the flex plates I'm still worried about. Just making them thicker and with different dimensions might not be good enough. I recall someone posting here and on facebook with splintered tabs and when I looked at my v1 plates, they were about ready to go. The v2 plates do not look qualitatively different. Somebody mentioned reinforcing the tabs with some metal. I think that would help but then they might not fit into the claw. I'll be keeping a close eye on mine this winter.


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          I should make clear that when I talked with 22D they never used the term "V3". I asked if there were any changes for this season, and he said yes, they've improved the toe piece for tighter snap. So maybe they see this more as
          "continual improvement" as opposed to a full rev. change. My use of V3 was intended to differentiate the 19-20 toe piece from 20-21 version.


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            Right, based on the discussion here and with others offline, I understand that the Lynx binding that one could purchase in the spring of 2020 is the same that you can purchase in the fall of 2020 for this upcoming winter.

            I haven't experience the loss in tension that Dostie has described (my specs: size L, 28 boot, wave washers instead of power spacers).


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              Originally posted by dschane View Post

              I ended up discarding the power spacers and using a single-wave washer for each spring.
              Size of the referenced single-wave washer you're using? Thanks.


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                I sure did experience it on v1. Remains to be seen if I do on v2. I have one spacer on each for now.


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                  Originally posted by mo pow View Post
                  I meant that if these new plates are not the same as those on my V2 bindings I will give a heads up. 22D indicated that the toe assembly they provided is V3, but did not mention anything about the flex assembly, or even if there are any flex plate changes for V3. So I assumed they are the same as V2 but don't know for sure.
                  Got word that they changed the shape of the claw positioning tabs to prevent/eliminate the main flex plate from cracking. The front tabs for mating with the baseplate are the same, so a v3 flexplate will be a simple upgrade from a v2 Lynx.

                  ain't no turn like tele!


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                    Originally posted by rick View Post

                    Size of the referenced single-wave washer you're using? Thanks.
                    Pretty certain they're the metric, stainless ones (M8) and reference 92168A109 for $5.53 for a pack of 50.