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Convex DPS Spoon?

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  • Convex DPS Spoon?

    How about the DPS Spoon with the convex tip? New this year so probably only testers have been on it, but just sorta wondering (not that I will be in the market for new skis for a few years)
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    The cleat was what made that ski special in my opinion. I thought it was a cool idea to make a full rocker convex ski have some edging ability. A DPS rep posts frequently on TGR and there's a lot of info about these skis over there. I think the best place for these skis are in a heli demo fleet. Or maybe in your coat closet if you live up LCC to be broken out during interlodges. Kinda hard to ski a dedicated powder ski during a resort schlacking.


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      They put the "spoon" into the tip of the 120's this year. That outta make an incredible ski even more fun. I have a pair sitting in my office if anyone wants pics or if you are in the Tetons and would like to check em out before a purchase, feel free to get in touch.