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Moment Skis, PB&J Opinions?

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  • Moment Skis, PB&J Opinions?

    Does anyone here have experience on these skis? The reviews look pretty good. They seem to be a possible quiver of one, though do not do it all especially well. A good friend has some but since he has duckbills and I am on NTN, trying them out is difficult.

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    I think PB&J could be a great daily driver if you like the shape and the width.
    My daily driver the Wildcat 108 190 cm with 22D Outlaw X. Great daily driver. Same profile as the PB&J, just a bit wider. Love this ski for resort: damp, quick for 108, surfy, stable, destroys crud. I like to play down the mountainside and this ski works well for my style. It is a little heavy for the tour, but I didn't mind last week when I got out three days around Tahoe's east shore.

    If I toured more than 1/2 my days I'd buy the Wildcat 108 Tour

    My touring/pow ski is the Exit World (now Wildcat Tour) 184 with 22D Outlaw. Again, same profile as PB&J, light build and 116? underfoot. Fun, fun, fun shape; used as daily driver for a couple of seasons but I found a bit wide for my many days at resort. Love this for touring.

    hope this helps!


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      Thanks Telefreddy for that helpful information. Even though not specific to PB&J it is encouraging as I suspect the build of most of their skis is similar. As a geezer I don't ski very fast anymore as falling has become more painful than it used to be. But I do appreciate skis that are nimble and playful and pretty sure they would also be capable of soft and variable snow skiing and some BC up and down. It would be great to hear from someone who has or has had the PB&Js.


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        I skied 2014? PBJs for a season. Make sure that you are down with short running surface/pronounced rocker. They are super fun when you first start riding them, pivoty, smeary. Center-ish mount very playful, great in anything soft. But in 2D snow, you really need to ride them centered. Like, really centered. They are plenty stiff, but honestly by the end of the season I had pretty much forgotten that they had tails. I have since developed a real love for a flat-ish, stiff tail on tele skis, thanks to some of the more current long-and-low rocker profiles (like blizzard flipcore). YMMV, of course!