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  • Crispi Evo for AT

    I have a pair of the yellow and black Crispi Evo's that I use with a TTS setup. I'm thinking of putting together a lightweight AT setup for longer spring tours. Does anybody have any experience with using these as an AT boot? They have the heel attachment, so presumably they should be stiff enough to work in an AT binding? I know there are much lighter AT boots, but these fit me reasonably well and I already own them, and I don't want to spend a whole lot on this project since I'm a tele skier at heart...

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    Scarpas used to come with a ‘puck’ like spacer that you could put under the bellows and would attach to the crampon slot in an AT binding.

    You should consider making something to achieve the same result - supporting the bellows so they don’t flex too much, likely causing pre-release.


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      Without the puck, you can see the bellows flex causing the rear pins to slide back several mm, which would definitely lead to pre-release. With the puck, it looks doable.


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        I use my TX pros and Crispi WCs w/ the Xenic for AT and made a shim out of 2 voile flex plates and gorilla tape, screwed into the back 2 inserts in the 6 hole 22d pattern. Both boots work great in this combo!

        I also skied the G3 Ion last year with the Crispi WC, my shim was a OMG TTS plate with a layer of weather stripping foam on top, that was not as good. OMG plate was heavy and weather stripping was soft. Still no release issues though, just not as stiff of a connection. Also, Xenic is lighter, cheaper and skis the same (or better?). Sold the G3 ion setup for what I paid for it all new (on sale) since Boulder's Craigslist AT crowd is flush with cash. The Xenic heel works better with the lynx too, plus it's a good backup if the Lynx explodes deep in the Backcountry.

        Also, higher pin heights need higher shims. A snug fit, as you see in JTB's video, is important.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	20200323_091526.jpg
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          I made a puck out of some polyethylene and bolted it to the ski on 2 inserts placed under my boot bellows location to keep my bellows from flexing. I was skiing scarpa tx's in that binding which are quite a bit softer than your Crispi's. It worked well enough with the Tx's to stop the bellows flex. It should work with a stiffer boot.

          I also kept my eyes out on my local ski website forums and the local craigslist in the mean time, and eventually I got a lightly used pair of AT boots for $50. They weren't super light weight, nor were they cutting edge design, but they weren't heavily used either. They suited my needs so I could get some locked heel laps under my belt. My AT binding is the Fritschi Vipecs which I primarily ski on the lifts .

          After a while, I decided that I really didn't need to lock my heel to make good parallel turns, so I rarely use my AT rig because I feel like tele boots are so much more comfortable than my AT boots and I don't need a locked heel for the terrain I ski. It is valuable having an AT rig to be able to compare the performance and comfort of AT and Tele. I could see myself using the AT rig again somewhere down the line to refresh my memory, but having it didn't make me want to switch to AT, probably because I'm not some young guy hucking cliffs and pounding the fall line, so a tele binding handles all my demands.
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            Thanks very much for all the info-- the video makes it really clear what's going on. The puck hack doesn't seem too bad, so maybe I'll give that a shot unless I can find some cheap AT boots. I have kind of difficult feet, though. How did the older Scarpa F1/F3 not have this issue-- I thought they had a bellows, and that's why they worked for TTS?


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              Ah, nevermind-- I see how the original Scarpa pucks work. It's probably simpler to just make a shim out of cutting board and screw that to the ski.


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                Check with the NHL.

                They have some extra pucks at the moment.


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                  Originally posted by durist View Post
                  Ah, nevermind-- I see how the original Scarpa pucks work. It's probably simpler to just make a shim out of cutting board and screw that to the ski.
                  The Scarpa pucks were more designed to work with Dynafit bindings of the era when they were made. I have both heights that they made. They were handy if you had a tele and AT set up and wanted to take one boot on a trip. Plus you could remove the puck and swap in ski crampons.

                  For a dedicated set just make the shim out of any durable plastic; Nylon, Delrin or UHMW PE. Just make sure it fills the space under the sole at the bellows.

                  I do tele tour in my a Evo WC boots, they are a little heavier than the Scarpa TXP but have more ROM because of the buckle configuration, with top two open and bottom two closed. I like them fine until I put on my Scarp F1’s or my Salomon MTN Labs.

                  Originally posted by aqua toque View Post
                  Check with the NHL.
                  They have some extra pucks at the moment.
                  He shoots, he scores!! Oh damn not this year, stupid C19😦
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                    Went up to do some skinning, at secret spot. Snow looked pretty rotten, so I will post pictures instead.

                    Scarpa puck, on my Salomon MTN binding
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Salomom MTN toe with puck.jpg Views:	2 Size:	1.37 MB ID:	101321
                    works with Radical toe piece too
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Radical toe with plate.jpg Views:	2 Size:	1.33 MB ID:	101322
                    or my Vertical STs
                    Click image for larger version  Name:	Vertical ST binding.jpg Views:	2 Size:	1.53 MB ID:	101323
                    close up of Vertical toe piece
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Scarpa TLT plate.jpg
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                      It might fit bindings like your Salomon Mtn. But are the pin heights the same as the radical? That’s what really matters, so it fills the space under the bellows.
                      A handy reference table detailing the pin heights on various tech bindings. This is useful when determining the approximate ramp angle at which you will be skiing and skinning.
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