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  • Your Favorite Snow Saw

    For years I have been carrying a homemade snow saw. A blade base on an old MSR design with a handle that attached to a Voile shovel handle. It works but I really need something better for isolating the back of extended columns. Wish the long Brooks Range saws were still available. What's your favorite saw?

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    I use the BCA snow saw. It's light, thin, and connects to a BD flick-lock pole for long reach (and probably most other 2-piece poles). That saves you the hassle of carrying the weight of a handle in your pack. Probably the only thing against it is it's not very burly. They say it can cut through wood but I'm not sure how long it would last for that. It does fine with snow and ice though.


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      I don't always carry a saw, but when I do it's a tree limb pruning saw Much more useful then a snow saw.


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        I use G3's saw for the sides, but to isolate the back of the column for an ECT test, I prefer G3's cord. Light and efficient. You do need to have two probes deployed or ski poles if they can go to the bottom of your test (baskets removed).


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          I tend to do a compression test first then use the open end to saw an ECT with cord and one probe. Works down to the first ice layer.


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            Ditto, which is why I don't always carry a saw.