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Utah's gone black!

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  • Utah's gone black!

    This is crazy! Stay safe out there.

    From Utah Avalanche Center:

    Today the avalanche danger is EXTREME on all aspects and elevations. Avoid being under or near any steep slope. Even very small slopes can bury a person.
    Heavy snowfall and a weak faceted snowpack have created very dangerous avalanche conditions. Natural and human-triggered avalanches are certain. Even unusual avalanches are possible in atypical terrain on atypical aspects and elevations.
    Anybody going into or near the mountains today should avoid being near or under any steep slope - this includes skiing, snowshoeing, running, sledding, dog walking, etc.

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    Crazy Black Rose!!!!!!


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      None more black.

      It is nuts, everything historic is going. I'm in the Logan zone and you can drive down the highway and look at slides all over.

      I do wonder if the all black is motivated by the huge number of local deaths recently. It's a fine line they walk guessing the psychology of their consumers- when do people ignore the warnings because they're always bad? I'm sure there's a lot of outside/political "feedback" in the wake of the tragedies claiming the ratings should be higher if people are dying.