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Snow Season Parking Information and Tips - Tahoe Region

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  • Snow Season Parking Information and Tips - Tahoe Region

    Snow Season Parking Information and Tips - Mount Rose Highway, Incline Village, Tahoe West Shore, South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, and Other Areas

    Please constructively critique and advise about suggested edits, additions,clarifications, corrections, etc. Sources of this information include: theTahoe Backcountry Alliance, the Snowlands Network, the Washoe County Sheriff'sOffice, the El Dorado County Sheriff's office, the Town of Truckee PoliceDepartment,, the Sierra Sun, and public sources.

    The Tahoe Backcountry Alliance, Snowlands Network, the Winter WildlandsAlliance, and other organizations continue to work to improve access to parkingfor winter and snow related recreation. Please alert the Tahoe BackcountryAlliance and Snowlands Network if you receive a ticket, warnings, haveproblems, etc. related to parking or accessing winter or snow recreation, andabout the details of the situation, so that these organizations can stayinformed and updated about what is happening, and so that they can continuetheir work to improve upon the current situation.

    Tahoe Backcountry Alliance

    Snowlands Network

    California SNO-PARKS: The California SNO-PARKS program helps provide access towinter recreation opportunities at 18 SNO-PARK sites along the Sierra Nevada.Permits must be purchased in advance. Daily permits cost $5.00, and seasonalpermits cost $25.00. See:

    [What do folks know about the history of the California SNO-PARKS system? Let's offercredit, thanks and praise to the folks that helped develop the SNO-PARKSsystem.]

    Parking off of California State Highways
    : Parking off the roadway of CaliforniaState highways is legal unless posted otherwise. Your entire vehicle (mirrors,bumpers, gear hanging out the back) must be completely off the roadway(indicated by the white line if you can see it) or you will be ticketed. Thereare several pullouts off Highway 89 on Lake Tahoe's West Shore where you canpark, if you are fully off the roadway, and it is not posted otherwise.

    Mount Rose Highway
    : There are numerous plowed parking areas on both sides ofthe Mount Rose Highway, Nevada State Road 431.

    County Roads and City Streets
    : The rules regarding county roads and citystreets vary by jurisdiction.

    Washoe County, including Incline Village
    : From Nov 1 - May 1, Washoe County,including Incline Village, operates on a red day, green day system. On reddays, snowplows may be operating, and parking on roadway shoulders isprohibited. On green days, snowplows are not expected to operate, and unlessotherwise marked, parking on roadway shoulders is permitted, as long as driversare not parked in travel lanes or obstructing the roadway. Call the WashoeCounty Incline Village snow conditions hotline to find out if it is a red orgreen day: (775) 833-5555 ext. 1.

    Sources and further details:
    70.437 Designated winter enforcement periods; presumption of red period

    Town of Truckee
    : Parking on Truckee town roads, unless explicitly signed aspermitted (ex. downtown Truckee signed parking areas), is prohibited from Nov 1- April 30. Vehicles parked on Truckee roads from Nov 1 - April 30 are oftenticketed. Parking off the road, "far" outside the snow stakes, out ofthe way of plows, seems to "usually" be OK, but it is not clearexactly how far outside the snow stakes you need to park to avoid a ticket. Ingeneral, vehicles parked outside of the snowstakes, out of the way of plows,seem to usually avoid being ticketed. See:

    [Note:At least one Truckee elected official I emailed is researching and learningmore about the red green snow season parking system that is used in InclineVillage.]

    El Dorado County
    : Parking on the side of El Dorado county roads is generallyprohibited. This is a particular issue in regards to accessing Rubicon Peak,and other areas. The Tahoe Backcountry Alliance, Snowlands, and others areworking to improve the situation. Also see below "Tips to consider...."

    City of South Lake Tahoe
    : More to come in next version. See:

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