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  • LTBMU Access Issues

    What do CalNeva forum users (Dostie, Quad, etc.) think about improved access to backcountry areas in the LTBMU? I often hear from users who want access up Spring Creek Road but also often hear from users who do not want to suffer the increased use that comes with better access. I'm talking about new winter trailheads with plowed areas, either sno-parks or otherwise.

    The Taylor Creek Sno-Park has seen very little use the last few years. Of course that might change if there's a big cold dump this winter but IMO the sno-park could be much more useful if it were relocated to Spring Creek road or possibly Bayview trailhead.

    FYI, Spring Creek road is NOT closed due to homeowner pressure; it is closed because there is little legal winter parking up there for anyone.

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    Sure we all want more access and parking but I think the main problem is that with the high snow levels the past few years the proposed TH's near the lake and perimeter is just not usable except for snow shoes and maybe XC. It would be nice to have more parking and easier access to the skiing on the West side of the lake. But, I rarely go over there but I would if the access was better without a long slog to even get to the skiable terrain.
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      Just say YES to more places to park >> more Trailheads for backcountry skiing. I've taken to skiing Hidden Peak instead of Jakes simply because of improved parking. It isn't actually better than Jakes, it is just an alternate place to park that is typically not full and accesses nearly identical terrain, and with a few extra minutes of skinning, can access the exact same terrain.

      I'm an advocate for spreading out in the available terrain by offering more legal places to park. That probably means constructing more dedicated parking areas, but I doubt many people would complain about spreading out and accessing more terrain - except maybe those who want to limit access.

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        Those areas take a while to drive to from Reno in the winter, but if I thought there was a better chance to find parking on the west side, I'd probably go out there more often.
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