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Sierra Nevada snow and climate change

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  • Sierra Nevada snow and climate change

    Hi I'm an outdoors writer in Reno, Nev., and I'm writing about climate change and Sierra snow. I'd like to be able to include some quotes from men and women who are backcountry skiers or boarders b/c they're seeing the mountains first hand. My contact info is below. You can see my work at as well.

    Benjamin Spillman
    Sierra Outdoors




    Support local journalism in the Sierra Nevada: Click here

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    Chem trails? Which consist of barium salts, aluminum oxide among other toxic material found in coal ash (by product of power plants. HARRP? High frequency active auroral research project. Tesla designed weather mod apparatus. WHY? perhaps to route Fukushima fallout north or to route weather to the arctic to cool it off to prevent an extinction level event methane release due to melting tundra? Click image for larger version

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      Ignoring the whole skiing sideways thing for the moment ....... WTF?