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It seems like the number of folks calling for a lightweight NTN boot -- here and elsewhere -- has really grown recently. That, coupled with the news that anything new from Scarpa is still a few years out, led me here: 3D printed, bolt-on duckbutts for bellow'd AT boots like the old Scarpa F1.


How do they ski?
In a Meidjo, really really well. Feels kinda like my old blue T2's, though with more torsional rigidity. Flexes waaaay more roundly than my TX's -- definitely no tippy-toe issues. I haven't used them with my Rottefella Freedoms yet, as the stack height of the boot toe is a bit thick and needs to be shaved down a hair.

How durable are they?
I don't know, we'll see. So far I've only been skiing them on the WROD, but nothing looks structurally fatigued yet. The bottom face of the duckbutt in the last photo looks more worn than it is, as I sanded it down a hair to make it fit the Meidjo's butt hook a little better, and sanding exposed the natural white plastic. That said, a few walks across the gravel parking lot did put some minor nicks in it, not all that different from what happens to the duckbutt on real NTN boots. I have no idea how well it would survive real scrambling across scree in the backcountry. I do have rubber sheeting to glue over the recessed face with the screwheads, just wanted to show it without.

What are they made of?
I drew them in SketchUp, then printed them at Shapeways dot com -- thanks jasonq for the 3DP advice -- using their "Versitile Plastic," which is laser-sintered PA12 polyamide, a type of nylon. Costs about $20 per butt. They also offer a "Professional Plastic," using HP MJF, which makes each butt cost about $40. No idea if it would be any better.

But why?
Mostly just to see if it could be done. I used my clapped-out F1 Races because they're the boots I felt most like hacking up. In reality, there currently aren't duckbutt bindings light enough to properly pair with this particular setup. I guess the next step would be to bolt the butts on a bigger boot, like a Scarpa F3, that can properly drive a Meidjo & bigger ski. EDIT: Also, on the remote chance that Scarpa is paying attention, I'm hoping to demonstrate that people REALLY want lightweight NTN boots! Sooner rather than later! And, until then, people will do dumb stuff like this to have a pair!